Roland S760 Factory cd collection

Complete Roland S760 cd rom sample collecion

+s550 factory cd rom - 15 cd roms in total.

Stunning high quality Roland library featured on many classic electronic records.


£55 + 9.60 postage ( 15 cd set via royal mail )







Contains the foillowing cd roms

L-CD1 S-550 factory
L-CDP-01 Drums and Cymbals Vol.1
L-CDP-02 Guitar and Bass Vol.1
L-CDP-03 Orchestral Percussion Vol.1
L-CDP-04 Orchestral Winds Vol.1
L-CDP-05 Solo Strings Vol.1
L-CDP-06 Brass Sections Vol.1
L-CDP-07 Super Sax Vol.1
L-CDP-08 Symphony Orchestra Vol.1
L-CDP-09 Keyboards of the '60s and '70s Vol.1
L-CDP-10 Keyboards of the '60s and '70s Vol.2
L-CDP-11 African Vol.1
L-CDP-12 Solo Brass Vol.1
L-CDP-13 String Sections Vol.1
L-CDP-14 African Vol.2