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Kineticsoundprism Vsynth Sample and Patch collection

The worlds largest collecton of Vsynth patches and Custom waveforms .

Below you will find the patch names and details of our complete Vsynth patch collection now being sold at an affordable price for all vsynth users .

What you get for £15.00 is Everything below.

Demp mp3's are here






ems 3

ems 4


plucked and struck





Sacred temple

Wind and reed

The collection features over 900 Roland Vsynth patches and 1700 custom made waveforms recorded from real vintage synths , unique sources , acoustic instruments and all manner of sound making device and which cover everything from ethnic and exotic instruments all the way into the odd and avantgarde .

These patches are totally unique and our own creations and unlike any other vsynth patches on the planet.

The Complete collection includes the following titles / patch banks and waveform data all for £15.00


Vsynth Drum maps , each has a drum sound per key when used in backing mode on the v synth.

The sounds are ethnic and world percussion kits , from india to peru and in between.Loads of african sounds and sonic voodoo drums.

Morphing undulating ethnic sequences quite unlike any drummer you have ever heard.

16 custom made vsynth patches - 31 wave maps (1980 individual hits)


Blips and bleeps , fx pings , wizzes and hits , cycle mechnoid hits and electro percussion we could find and this was the result. .

202 waveforms and 2 waveform maps in total are included in 1 banks and 16 demo patches.

Very cool 8bit sounds, electronica hits and even some lovely synth tones can be found here.In a word - - - Electronic.

Ppg wave 2.3

The ppg 2.3 waveforms and patches for the vsynth to give you that frosty and moody ppg wave sound.

32 custom made vsynth patches - 290 sampled waveforms

Radiophonic workshop

Spocks logic anyone ? ok so were now in the realms of special fx and weird and wonderfull.Take various old synths like an Ems synthi and various old modulars aswell as all manner of sound effects devices , take old 50's and 60's science fiction films and then create loads of samples, loops , drones , noises, cycles and waveforms and you have this collection.

If you fancy drifting through the moons of venus (does it have any?) or landing on the planet Gong in flash gordens rocket ship or want to create the ambience of spocks homeworld complete with talking trees then your in the right place.This ones for the inventors and tweakers , sonic boffins and trippers and those who do sound design and ambient music or anything which needs special fx.The emphasis here is on vintage science fiction though it covers much more futuristic sounds aswell.

197 custom made vsynth patches - 202 sampled waveforms

Ethnic stringed instruments

This collection covers stringed and bowed instruments from around the globe with an emphasis on sustained and longer waveforms.

These sounds as with the all titles have huge scope and represent a condensed and powerfull collection which you can simply load when you need an ethnix or stringed sustained sound.The waveforms can also make fantastic experimental hybrids.

256 custom made vsynth patches - 113 sampled waveforms

Ethnic wind and reed

Exotic Wind and Reed is probably our largest collection and comprises of 280 individual waveforms from various wind instruments , reed instruments , and everything else ' blown ' from all 4 corners of the world.We attempted to collect every known wind instrument in waveform and this is the result.From mayan pipes to japanese flutes and some very odd blown stuff like shells - this is a diverse collection.

Please checkout both the demos and the patch details below for an outline of the instruments used and contained.This is a very deep and powerfull collection which can turn the V synth into a fantastic wind instrument or emulator aswell as hybrid wind instrument.

129 custom made vsynth patches - 280 sampled waveforms

Ethnic plucked and struck

This collection covers stringed instruments which have been plucked aswell as short ethnic sounds from marimba and african finger piano to japanese pipa and celtic harp .

This set is really nice for arpeggiated sounds and sequences , you can also stretch the waveforms into oblivion and get some far out metalic tones and suspended plucked sounds and they can make for very organic and ritual sounds, ethereal drones or short percussive hits.

64 custom made vsynth patches - 148 sampled waveforms

Ems synthi

Well what can you say about the Ems synthi ?its one of those legendary synths that everyone wants but no one can find let alone afford.What we have here is a custom made collection of synthi waveforms , fx ,pulses, hits and noises and a set of patches to go with them.The result is a weird and wacky collection of sounds and patches and one which turns the vsynth into a real space machine.Great vintage leads , weird freaky fx and spaces can be instantly had here.

132 custom made vsynth patches ( in 2 banks) - 313 sampled waveforms in total.

Roland Sh1000

This is a novel little set we made after sampling a Roland sh1000 to death.The sh1000 was the synth used by countless synth freaks in the 70's including kitaro and others and has a very nice retro cheesy quality and is almost atari like at times.This collection is a mixture of the sh1000's very unique fat raspy and warped waveforms and also the fx its dual lfos can create.Its a lovely addition to any recordists arsonal of vsynth patches and load this bank in and instant 70's prog rock can be had ,this ones from the planet gong and really retro in sound.

32 custom made vsynth patches - 85 sampled waveforms

Roland sh101 Novamod

Take 1 X Roland Sh101 and modify to Nova mod spec , (cross modulation , 3 speed lfo and stuff like this) and then sample a load of cycle waveforms , modulations , fx hits and stuff with it.

The result is that your V synth is turned into an a very deep analogue sounding synth.The scope of this set isnt huge , not like the ethnic stuff , this focuses on one instrument and its abilities and character but its a very cool character , very unique and as far as we know no one has released a sample set from the Nova mod so here goes.Its all about fat raw waves , weird cross mod fx , strange pulsations and pure analogue sounds .You can model analogue using cosm but it doesnt sound like this ......

69 custom made vsynth patches - 104 sampled waveforms

Youtube demos to come.